Essay about Global Warming

It is essential that human resources exist to deepen and disseminate the studies of climate change in our country. It is necessary that the projected at a global level, can be understood and analyzed at a regional level where studies are required of all areas of knowledge climate, society and economy, for example to be able to make decisions and face the impacts of climate change .

Characteristics of global warming

In this section some of the characteristics of global warming were discussed and elaborated. Where there are several ways to characterize global warming, as is the change in temperature, which has occurred since the end of the nineteenth century, at that time the temperature was considered regular, but thanks to the pollution generated by man the temperature level.

A very important aspect is the rains and natural disasters, at present according to the scientific results, the rains are no longer the same as the ones of the 70’s, now in this century the rains are of the form of little water and according to To Statistics have been found. On the other hand, a very important factor is the natural disasters that are originated and caused by global warming, this factor in the 70’s was very scarce to hear some natural disaster in this way.

The only culprit of these climatic changes is the man and all because of his ignorance and his little conscience that counts each of them, this has generated serious problems such as;

The lack of fresh water.

Ü Climate change.

Ü Increased chance of getting a disease.

Ü The weather is warmer.

Then the people or the society that pollutes as is being in this century will arrive at moment that will not be able to control this big problem and to be able to avoid the problem of pollution there are several activities to control the increase pollutants.

Causes of global warming

This section revealed the main causes of global warming, as it is not favorable to our natural environment. Where human activities have been harmed for their existence on earth. Where in fact the great part of this contaminating source are gases mainly of the carbon dioxide, that when accumulating in the atmosphere.

There is a very important and dangerous phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect, which is one of the main causes of the great climatic change that has damaged the planet earth, mainly to the living beings that are affected by the continuous and growing contamination of the air , The water, And soils and all that due to the lack of awareness of how dangerous pollution is.

The main sources of pollution are:

* Factories

* Vehicles

* Deforestation of trees

Drainage in rivers and seas

Forest fires

Temperature change

The global temperature is likely to increase to four degrees Celsius by the end of this century and the average level will grow by about a foot. Given the current climatic conditions, sea ice at the North Pole is expected to be melted and atmospheric disturbances and the climate increase in the world. This will lead to warmer, drier summers and more abundant rainfall that may turn into floods. These scientists also mentioned the effects of suspended particles in the atmosphere and their influence on the carbon cycle.